Types Of Leather


Nubuck is a top grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side. The nap is very fine because of the tight fibre structure. This results in a velvet feeling finish. The grain pattern may remain, along with certain characteristics of authentic leather like blemishes, scrapes, colour disparities and grain wrinkles. Natural scarring from insect bites may also be evident. This is a beautiful high-grade quality leather, but highly unpractical for young families and high traffic areas being unprotected and can stain very easily. It also recommended Nubuck is kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources to ensure colour fading and drying out does not hasten.


Semi Aniline is another high-quality grain leather. It is one step off aniline leather as it receives a light coating to help create a uniform appearance and provide more durability. It has all the natural characteristics of leather which showcases its authenticity. Soft to touch and beautiful to look at but remains a high maintenance leather and not suitable for young family use.


Protected leather is the most treated and durable type of leather on the market. For that reason, it is the most widely used leather for furniture and car upholstery. The durability is provided by a polymer surface coating which contains pigments. Although having a less natural appearance, it is the most suitable leather for young families or high traffic areas as it is easy to maintain and stands up to all kinds of conditions.


Antique grain leather has a unique two-tone effect achieved by applying a contrasting top-coat unevenly to reveal the underlying base colour. This creates a “worn” appearance of traditional leathers, commonly used on chesterfield style suites. Beautiful and sophisticated in appearance, but also needs correct maintenance to keep the desired look.


Pull up leather is aniline dyed to create deep, vibrant colours and finished with a combination of transparent oils and waxes. This creates a very soft luxurious feel. When stretched, the colour of the leather migrates and lightens in the pulled areas. A beautiful leather but very high maintenance is needed to prevent the waxes and oils drying out.


Bi-cast leather is significantly inferior to top grain leather. Its manufactured by bonding a thick polyurethane coating to a split leather hide. Essentially it’s like sitting on vinyl with a weak split leather hide as the base you never contact.  We do not work with Bi-cast leather.